Welcome to A Little Bit of This (And That)!

I started this blog because I am interested in a Little Bit of everything. I am a wife, mom of four, teacher, personal trainer. I also enjoy A Little Bit of everything else from scrap-booking and sewing, to organization, budgeting, and meditation. I know there re others out there who dabble in A Little Bit of everything else too and who can relate to my need for a Little Bit of focus and have a Little Bit of fun as I share my experiences.

We all try to do our best at work, at home and with our own personal stuff, but life sure does get it in the way! So, A Little Bit of This is a place where I can share my stories- successes and failures- my likes and dislikes, my dreams and realistic goals, and hopefully you find make a connection to A Little Bit of something. With a Little Bit of This I hope to bring you all the Little Bits that I find interesting and helpful for every aspect of life.