INSTA- Awesome


I am now on a mission- a nail polish mission. I am slowly but surely switching ALL of my nail polish to Sally Henson’s INSTA-DRI. NO they are not paying me to say this- I wish. I wish they were sending me free nail polish to write this. Here is the thing: I love painting my nails. I would put a fresh, coordinating color everyday if I had the time. And of course this obsession with nails has rubbed off on my two little girls- especially my three-year-old. Don’t get me wrong, I love a spa day- going to the salon and having my nails and toes done by professionals is the best! (And it is another thing my daughter has also developed a love for as well) But, alas that time/ money combination, coupled with the fact that I want to change colors and styles ALL THE TIME- makes it a little less feasible.

Enter, INSTA-DRI. This stuff is amazing. They have a wide variety of colors and the stuff dries sooooo fast! I really didn’t believe it until I tried and then I was hooked. I like to paint my nails during my 30 minute lunch break (yes, I said 30 minutes) but I also like to eat and use the restroom (if there is time- fellow teachers you know what I’m talking about). With this stuff I can paint my nails and be on my way. Seriously, if we are running late for church (and we usually are) I can paint my nails and jump in the car and go. No smudging, no chipping, no mess. The stuff just dries like magic. And the best part is that this stuff is wonderful for the little girls. I mean, what little girl can sit still waiting for their nails to dry? Not mine. And even if I could get her to sit there and wait for them the dry (which let’s be honest I have a hard time doing myself) she always, always, always seems to have to go to the bathroom two seconds after I paint her nails.  Slap the INSTA-DRI on and they are good to go.

So, I am slowly converting my giant box of nail polish over. Whenever these bad boys are on sale, I grab as may as I can and then dump the old stuff. Try it out- seriously it will change your life.


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