Give Back Box

In my closet, filling up my first box.

Ok so it’s the new year and whether you make resolutions or not, what I am about to offer you is really something you could do anytime of year. I am just pushing it now partly because I just discovered it and partly because I am a New Years Purger. I like to get out the old junk and start the year fresh and reorganized. Couple that with the fact that I just moved and I have a tiny bit of an online shopping addiction. What that means is, I have a lot of empty boxes laying around. Enter Give Back Box! Their mission is to help you recycle your old boxes by providing “an effortless and convenient method of donating your used household items.” You fill an old box with your old stuff and ship it to them for free!

Here is how it works: Open your package and empty out all your new goodies. Dump in all the old stuff you don’t want anymore. Tape it up, print a shipping label, slap it on, and drop it at the Post Office. You can even schedule a pick-up from your house if want! How easy is that?

For me, I use New Years to set goals and one of them this year is to organize the closets and storage areas in my house. Give Back Box is perfect for this, because now I can dump all that stuff I want to get rid of right into one box and ship it off. My closets can be clean and I can I do some good!

You would think that since I just moved I am totally organized. In my dream world, I carefully packed my house up, getting rid of stuff I didn’t need, donating and organizing as I went. My boxes were perfectly labeled and placed in the correct rooms when we arrived at our new house and I carefully put our belongings away in an organized and timely manner. Yeah right! In reality, I was offered my new job on a Thursday and moved a family of six on Saturday so I could start work on Monday. Yes, we had a ton of help from friends and family on both sides of the move and I am grateful for all of their help. But it was, and still is, a huge mess. There were boxes full of random toys, towels, food, and toilet paper. Boxes that were labeled and boxes with labels I couldn’t read. Just last week, I opened a box that had dirty laundry from August in it!

As we moved box after box and as we slowly unpacked (and continue to) my husband and I keep asking “why did we pack this?” and in some cases we didn’t actually pack it. But we have it now and so it goes to the donation pile and sometimes, rightfully so, the trash. Thus, I am far from organized or even unpacked, but I do have a lot of boxes that I need to get rid of. Add to that, the boxes of Christmas deliveries and  I need Give Back Box in my life!

Side story: Last Christmas we were given a beautifully hand-carved nativity that’s also a music box. I forgot to put it away with the other Christmas decorations and so I wrapped it up and put it in a box in my closet where I knew it would be safe. Fast forward to the end of the summer, and while frantically packing up my house, my friend Stephanie stopped by for a few hours to help. I showed her the way to my closet and told her to throw everything in boxes and mark them as my clothes and shoes, so at least I knew I could get dressed for work once we moved. I left her to work and went to pack up another room. When she finished, she whispered to me, “I got everything packed, except your naughty box.” What!?! I looked at her like she was crazy and said, “You are our of your mind! I don’t have a naughty box!” She simply said, “don’t worry, I didn’t look in it.” I followed her up to my room and she pointed out the box. A box that I had hastily written, in my horrible handwriting “nativity” and she thought it said, “naughty.” We laughed about that one as we packed the rest of the day and I giggled again as I unpacked that box this Christmas.



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