No Wash Wednesdays

IMG_2735Let me just be up front and lay this one out without any build-up: I had no idea that washing your hair everyday was a bad thing. I have been dutifully washing away, sometimes twice a day (gasp!), my whole life. How did I go almost forty years of life without knowing that you are not supposed to wash your hair every day? I mean I have a mom and two sisters, you would think one of them would have said something. I have been to a hair salon too many times to count and I have female friends who I have talked to about everything under the sun, so you would think I would have heard at least once that I shouldn’t be washing my hair so diligently or should I say haphazardly. So, why all the fuss?

I came to this realization one night when I was out with some friends for drinks. I don’t know how it came up, but one of my friends told me she only washes her hair once a week! I was shocked- her hair looks great. Naturally I had a ton of questions, but I was shocked to find out that this was common knowledge. In other words, “everyone knows you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday.” Really? Everyone? Since when is washing bad? Since forever it appears. I asked my sisters, my mom, my friends, even my hairdresser. I asked people I work with and people I met waiting in line at the store. It seems everyone knew this. Even my husband knew this! Why did no one tell me? Why did no one stop me?

At this point, I’m thinking this is the answer to all my hair problems- but how could I make it work? You see, I sweat. I sweat all the time. But, when I’m done working out, I’m soaked, hair included. If I ever do anything after leaving the gym, I am wearing a buff or a hat. I’ve tried dry shampoo, but that was always just a temporary fix until I could get in that now-forbidden shampoo. I have gone without washing, but never on purpose and never without a plan to wash as soon as I could, let alone to style it like it was no big deal. So since that conversation, I have been trying to wrap my brain around not washing my hair and not looking like a disgusting mess of sweaty, snarled hair.

I needed a day I wasn’t doing serious cardio (see my workout post about my new commitment to a weekly yoga practice) so I wouldn’t be a hot mess. I do yoga on Wednesdays and while I do sweat, it’s not drenchingly excessive.  I still shower, yes, but I am not washing my hair and that’s what matters. I am wilfully not washing and it’s working- I think. I have to remind myself over and over in the shower not to,and I bought some dry shampoo to help me feel a little refreshed. So far, my hair looks decent on Wednesdays and it holds its style all day. I’m feeling so good about it, that I have even taken to skipping the wash on the weekends- sometimes.

Now, I know that some people are into laying down some serious cash for hair products to go along with this no washing, protect your hair, natural, no chemical lifestyle, but I am not ready to make that type of commitment. For the time being, I’m committed to my Wednesdays, but I still look forward to that Thursday wash!

Update: So I had no idea when I wrote this that there was a whole “NO POO” Nation out there! Seriously this no shampoo method has a it’s own wiki page- that’s big time to me. Anyway, these believers are actually washing their hair, with varying degrees of frequency, with water and some other more natural products than the regular shampoo (ie: backing soda, vinegar, and lemon juice). Their reasons vary as well, from protecting the hair and scalp, to environmental and economical. Whatever the reasons this was another shocker to me and now I have more options to try. Also, I’m up to twice a week without washing and things are looking better! 


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