How do you spend your Snow Day?


I am always excited for a snow day- always! A day off, especially an unexpected one, is always a treat, but when you know the night before and can stay up later it’s even more exciting. This week the call came at 9pm, so after the kids did their happy dance, we popped in a movie and snuggled on the couch. My kids know that in the morning we will always make them a pancake breakfast with hot chocolate and then the day is theirs to do what they want- how fun.

As excited as I am to have a day off, I am torn because with a whole free day in front of me- I never know what should I do. Should I be productive or should I be lazy? Do I deserve a rest or do I need to make the most of my unexpected free time? It’s like, I should catch up on laundry… but, I should also catch up on Netflix and sleep. I should attack those papers that need grading… but I should enjoy the book I am reading. I should organize those closets I have been meaning to work on…but I should build a snow fort with my kids. I know I am lucky to be able to be off with my kids, yet I still have these nagging thoughts and I wonder is it mother’s / teacher’s / women’s guilt or something like that or am I just overthinking everything? Now, I know I shouldn’t be greedy, but sometimes I think two consecutive snow days would be best- I can use one to be productive and one to just chill. 

Ultimately, I know I will stay in my Pj’s most of the day, I’ll eat too many pancakes, I will drink coffee all day and I will be grateful for a day off work, no matter what I end up doing.

*A shout out to all those non-teacher parents who have to scramble in the mornings when a snow day is called. Believe me, when my kids didn’t attend the same district as me, I felt your pain. Keep on keepin’ on.

This time I chose a productive morning followed by a fun-filled afternoon of sledding, board games and scrapbooking!




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