Books, Books and More Books Please!

I love to read and I love a neatly organized, colorful bookshelf. I have multiple books on my nightstand, laying in waiting for me to pick them up, another stack on my desk at work and a running list on Good Reads. As an English teacher (and one that recently changed grade levels) I am constantly devouring new books to find texts that will engage my students and encourage more reading. My 6th grade son is an avid reader too and he often recommends titles and authors as well. I will read just about anything and everything, I do not discriminate.  And when I walk into a book store I have a hard time walking out without something, even though I own plenty of books that haven’t been read yet. So, I admit it- I have a problem, albeit a trivial problem, it can be a pricey problem nonetheless.

In an effort to curb my book spending I have been trying to visit the library more than the bookstore and I am always looking for deals on books. I’ve tried some audio book memberships for long trips, and when I find free ebooks I’ll download for later. But, there really is nothing like the feel of an actual book in your hands, with nothing else to distract you.  I know I won’t break this bad habit of wanting new books on my shelf, so I will continue to look for discounts and used book sales and I’ll post cheap deals, freebies and anything else I find here.

The Little Free Library

The Little Free Library is a worldwide network of cute, little, dollhouse sized libraries that individuals place in their community- the park, a school, even their front yard. The idea is that you can take a book when you leave a book, so the selection is always in rotation. I first starting see these pop-up in my hometown about two years ago. The local paper wrote a story about it and it grew. My kids and I would ride our bikes around the neighborhood looking for a new one and trade in books we no longer needed for different used books and then trade those when we were done. I’ve already spotted a couple in my new neighborhood and so the fun and the reading continues. You can get info on how to find one near you or how to start your own here.

Resolve to Read in 2018 Contest

The Resolve to Read in 2018 Contest over at Penguin Random House is a great way to get some FREE books and find some new reading material. You just need to enter your email and you could win two free books a month for a year! Once you have entered you can take a quick quiz and you’ll get a list of books you might like along with some preview chapters to sink your teeth into. I have already entered everyone in my family this morning!

Amazon Book Buyback

Take a long, hard look round your house for some old books that may be worth some extra cash. Amazon will buy back used textbooks as well as other books and other items. First, I went through all my old college texts and then I went through old (and extra- my husband and I both teach so we often get multiple copies) professional development books and even some popular fiction. You go here and enter the bar code on the back of the book. You receive an immediate offer, in the form of an Gift Card, and free shipping for your trade-in. Pack them up and once received, your Amazon account is credited. Then feel free to buy more books- or anything really. So far I have earned over $200 just sending in books I don’t need anymore!

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