Turning 40!


Well, I recently turned 40! Exclamation point- right? Yes! I had a wonderful birthday, spent with my family, and like most birthdays, the fun lasted a little longer than just one day. You see, I like to celebrate my birthday week, ya know extend the festivities just a bit, but this year is different, I’m shooting for a little longer than a week.

Forty is definitely a milestone birthday and in the months leading up to it, I felt like I should either be dreading it or setting some type of goal that I would accomplish by the actual date. But, I wasn’t really dreading it and none of the goals I considered seemed right. I’ve never been someone who is ashamed to admit my age and I wasn’t (and still haven’t) been “feeling old.”  Sure, people had plenty of suggestions as to what I could do to mark the occasion, from parties, to workouts, to workout parties, the list was endless. I had seen what others around me were doing, like running marathons or going on trips and I knew I wanted to do something, but what?

Ultimately I decided to make the whole year a celebration! Over the top? Maybe. But, I figured who cares? After all, it is my birthday, I should celebrate it however I want. I didn’t need to make other people happy, although I think some of my plans have so far. It all started when my husband earned a free cruise last summer (he is a teacher who is also a Farmers Insurance agent on the side). When we saw the dates we (really more me) were so excited that it fell on the week after my birthday! As the cruise date got closer, so did my big birthday and in my quest to find some way to mark the day I found a hashtag that inspired me: #12in12. This, my friends, represent the idea of taking 12 trips in 12 months. And once I found it, I was hooked. The only issue I had was how I could make it more meaningful. I knew I could write about my experiences, but I wanted each trip to mean something to me, my family, my friends, my career, really anything that didn’t really make it just all about me. But, yes I still wanted to have fun and see and do things I had never done before.  Since the first trip was the free cruise, I figured maybe I could try to keep the idea of an “earned” or discounted trip -some type of deal I could share with you, along with all the fun- going for the next 11 months.

So the week after my birthday I set off on my first trip- a Caribbean Cruise! It was perfect. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was relaxing and fun and we really enjoyed ourselves (more on that later). The next trip I have planned is to meet with some friends who are also turning 40 this year for the weekend in Chicago and we are going to see Hamilton! This trip I funded completely with my earnings from my Teachers Pay Teachers store Cassandra’s Corner. Knowing I was going to do this motivated me to create more products and work on promoting them, which will hopefully also fund another trip later this year. The plans for trip number three and four are still in the works. The third is a spring break trip with the kids that we are planning on using our SkyMiles for and staying at a timeshare where, yes, we will have to go to a presentation, but we also get to stay cheap (more on this later).  And the fourth, well that one is a under wraps for now as we work out the deals and the details.

As this fabulous fortieth year continues I hope my thoughts and feelings on this milestone stay positive as I travel and keep you posted on how and where. Happy Birthday Day to Me!

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