The Sani Seal


I just had to share this. Maybe I have been living a sheltered life, but I have NEVER seen this before! My husband and I  had to go to the “big city” to do some shopping, so on the way, we stopped at the casino and that’s where I saw it. This toilet seat is covered in a plastic wrap and it has a mechanism that removes it when you are done so that there is a fresh cover for the next person! When I saw it, I forgot I had to go and just marveled at it. I placed my hand over the motion detector twice  just to watch it in action again. I really should have taken a video, but ladies were starting to stare at me staring at the toilet because yes, in my amazement I forgot to shut the door. Where did the old plastic go? Where did the new plastic come from? Who came up with this? While I was amazed, I couldn’t get the thought of peeling my butt off the plastic- the thought still gives me goosebumps. Plus, what a giant waste! I mean are people really sitting on public toilets? Yes, kids need too, but kids at a casino? I guess I just assumed everyone was squatting like me. I NEVER sit on a public toilet- NEVER! I distinctly remember my mom meticulously placing toilet paper on a public toilet seat when I was little and the fear that welled up side me just thinking that one of those pieces might slip off and my bare butt might come in contact with the seat. I am not a germphobe- it’s just something about toilets. From the moment I was tall enough to squat- I did and never looked back- literally and figuratively. Yeah, I know someone can come up with a list of all the other surfaces that are actually dirtier than a toilet seat and it won’t change my mind- there is just something about it that is too gross for me. So cover it in paper or plastic wrap it will always be gross and I’ll still squat.

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