Connect with Marco Polo

Since I moved I have been looking for a better way to connect with friends and family. We can call or facetime each other, but then both parties need to be available and have the time to talk. You can text, but it really isn’t the same. What I missed most was seeing my family and their kids and talking to my friends face to face. But, now I don’t have too! About a month ago my friend introduced me to an app called Marco Polo and I am officially addicted.

The company that created Marco Polo, Joya Communications,  calls the app a “video chat walkie talkie,” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Their goal in creating it was “to help people feel close no matter the distance, enabling people to remain connected in convenient and meaningful ways,” and for me that has been the best part.  I can send a video to my sister and she watches it when she has time and responds. I can send a group of friends a video message and they can all react in their own time. I get to see all their faces and share all the ups and downs in our lives at our own convenience.

Now at first, I had some naysayers in my contacts who were leery of the hows and whys. I got questions like, “why don’t you just call/text/facetime instead?” Here’s the answer: quite simply this is waaaayyyyy easier and a lot more fun. We don’t need to be in the same time zone and have the same availability. I can send you a long video about everything that happened at work or I can share a quick joke. And the second my video is over the camera flips to you to respond. If I texted you a video you’d probably send me an emoji back. If I had the times and wrote everything in a text, you’d think I was crazy and still respond with an emoji. Now, it’s like we are together again, talking, sharing, and mostly laughing.

Once you download Marco Polo, you can connect with anyone in your contact list. You can create groups, save videos and add colors and text. The app also has features, like filters and voice changers. Once you have used the app enough you can unlock even more features.  If you need some assistant using the app, you can join my Marco Polo Group: A Little Bit of MP and check out some of my videos on how to use the app!

So, go download it and get connecting!


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