Chicago, Hamilton, and A Green River

IMG_2941 Over Christmas break, my two best girlfriends from high school and I met up for drinks and planned out this adventure. We were all turning 40 soon, so we wanted a fun way to celebrate together.  We also wanted to see each other more often- it had been four months since our last get-together. And we were all dying to see Hamilton. So, over the course of the night we planned the whole thing. Now, since we picked Chicago and I already had my February trip planned, I convinced them we had to go on March 17 date, but only because seeing the Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day was on my bucket list.

We had tickets to a matinee show, so beforehand we had time to walk around downtown. The weather was beautiful so our walk down to the river was festive and fun. Seeing the river turned green was so cool. Then the show- oh the show. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Seriously. I cannot possibly put into words how good it really was. I can tell you that at intermission we were already talking about coming back to see it again. Since the show we have all been listening to it nonstop and are still trying to figure out a way to get back there, or somewhere else (another trip maybe?), to see the show again. Of course, like a good Irish girl, I topped my holiday weekend off with a corned beef sandwich and a Harp at a local pub.

The weekend was full of laughs, catching up, talking about old times, and just enjoying being together- I can’t wait to do it again.


I did say in an earlier post, in planning for my 12in12 trips that instead of just simply sharing the fun, I would also try to share tips and tricks on how I am managing to afford these trips. Well, I paid for this entire trip using my earning from my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Cassandra’s Corner. When we planned the trip, I was still holding onto my November earnings and I hadn’t yet received my December statement. So, I knew I had those two months, plus January and February to add to it. Chicago is not cheap and Hamilton tickets can come at a hefty price too, so I knew I had to step up my TpT game. I vowed to create two new products a week for the month of January and to up my promoting game on Instagram and Pinterest. It worked and I funded the whole trip, hotel, tickets, gas, food, and a little extra for shopping from my TpT earnings. To learn more on how I make TpT work for me check out my post called Making TpT a Side Hustle that Works For You.


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