Trip #3: Georgia Beaches

The beach on Tybee Island, Georgia

My third trip of my 12in12 year was to Tybee Island, Georgia. Until about three weeks before our trip, I had never heard of Tybee Island. You see, we fully intended on going to Hilton Head, South Carolina- we had been before and loved it. We had purchased our flights into Savannah and we were waiting on a timeshare deal. With four kids and my mother-in-law, the seven of us try to travel on the cheap by staying at a timeshare and sitting through the presentation. This has worked in the past, but three weeks out, we were told there was nothing left that could fit all of us. Plus, most of Hilton Head was booked already and we weren’t looking to spend a fortune on a hotel for five nights. So, the search was on.

My husband started looking for other locations close to Savannah and came upon Tybee Island. A small island in Georgia, that is a little touristy but not overcrowded or pretentious. Since we were travelling from Friday through Wednesday, we saved money by finding a place that was rented out for a partial week and needed to fill the rest of their week. Our rental house was one block from the ocean, close a park, a couple of souvenir shops and an IGA- what more could you ask for? We had beautiful weather and spent our days soaking up the sun, collecting sea shells, cooking out on our patio and eating ice cream. Since we were travelling over Easter we had the chance to attend a sunrise service on the peer that was by far the best Easter mass I have ever been too. All in all, the trip was a relaxing break from work, school, and snow- just what we all needed. We loved the welcoming, laid back atmosphere of Tybee Island so much we are considering heading back next year.

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Sunrise Easter Service on the Atlantic Ocean

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