GYLIO = Get Your Life In Order.

I am always saying it’s time for me to Get My Life In Order and what I mean is get organized, get the house cleaned, get ready for something, get fit, get whatever! I know I need to “get” going and so that’s my go to phrase.

Here is where I will share how I GYLIO- hopefully it helps you GYLIO too!

Get a Planner

Seriously quit it with the phone already. If you want to be organized and you want You Life in Order you need to write that stuff down. Seriously, brain research tells us- write it down if you want to get it done! As for the kind of planner you buy- I don’t care. I have tried all different kinds, but it really doesn’t matter what I like, you need one that works for you. I normally get mine at TJ Maxx, frankly it’s cheaper and they have a wide variety. The idea is find one that you like, that you know you will carry with you and that fits your needs. If you just need to look at things on a monthly basis, a small paperback that fits into your wallet works. If you need to know exactly what you are doing every hour or each day- then find one that gives you the room of the details. Whatever you choose, make sure there is room to write down your goals, so that when you look at that planner you see your goals every, single time.

If you are worried about leaving your planner behind- plan ahead. First, make sure it fits in your bag, purse, wallet, pocket- what every is going with you. In order to make it a habit or carrying and looking at it, you need a trigger. So if you drink a cup of coffee every morning, place the planner next to your coffee maker at ight. If you set your keys i the same place each day, put the planner there too. Give yourself as easy way to see the planner each day and then you’ll use it each day.

I love a big chunky planner, which is good because I love big purses, so I can easily lug it around. I also like filling it in using flair pen and stickers- not necessary, but it makes the process a little more fun to do and to look at. I have tried many different planners, but I alway pick one that lets me see the entire month and gives me a place for a daily agenda. My latest version focuses on a mental and physical health daily check in, which is great because those are areas of focus goals for me. No mater what you choose, make sure it fits your needs and goals and make sure you use it!