Joules Athletics

Really fabulous “gear” for really fabulous people!


I’m not just a Joules Athletics sales associate- I’m a customer too! I started hearing about the story behind the Joules clothing line and the stories of all her “supermodels” and I new I had to get some of this gear. Now, I am wearing Joules all the time. It might be athletic and lounge gear to some, but I wear it all the time- even to work (ahh the perks of being a PE teacher!)

When Julie says “I can. I will. Watch Me.” Oh boy does she mean it! She is one phenomenal lady who has designed clothing for all women along with a mantra that we can all focus on no matter what we do!

As Julie says:  “Our “gear” is designed to celebrate the beautiful curves we all have.  Because we are so much more than a shape – we are fabulous! So bring that gorgeous body of yours to us!”

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Some of my favorite Items

You will wear this jacket all the time!


These joggers so comfy.


More About Joules Athletics

Joules Athletics is a clothing line that Julie set out to design for real people, inspired by the extraordinary people around her. The first rule she had was each design would be named after one of those extraordinary people. Check out Joules Athletics for her full story and to check out all her awesome designs.

There are 3 different ways to shop with me:
1. Schedule a trunk show
2. Virtual online shows
3. Order directly from our website and mention me when you checkout under the “who helped you” tab

***Trunk shows***
-You host a party and I will bring inventory for you and your
guests to try on.
-Shipping is $6.00, anything over $75.00 has free shipping.
-Hostesses will receive 15% off sales in a gift card to spend
online at Joules.

***Virtual shows***
-I will create an event for you online for you to invite your
friends to shop in their own home. The event will be up for
one week.
-Hostesses will receive 15% off sales in a gift card to spend
online at Joules

You get 15% of your total sales that goes to your organization.

******Exchanges and returns******
Please use link for all exchanges and returns. If you have any questions you can always contact me.


These leggings come in black and purple and they are great for yoga.
All the long sleeve shirts have these thumb holes that I am addicted to!